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Originally Posted by MissyMia
Husband and I didn't like tofu much until I learned how to press the water out just right, and cook it right. Now we love it, but my love is much more then his. My suggestion is get some vegan cookbooks. So many of them have substitutions for common allergies like nuts, soy, and gluten. My family switched to a vegan diet in the spring and so far no complaints from dh or the kids. We only ate meat like 3 times a week before, but now the only meat dh or the kids get is at family parties, so not very often.

I have Chloe's kitchen, Vegan on the Cheap, Everyday Happy Herbivore, and The Vegan Table. I make all my meals out of these cookbooks.
I agree about the tofu. Dry fry the tofu and then marinate it and you would be surprised how nice it can be. Since moving to Asian and learning how to actually cook tofu I am amazed at how much more I like it and how versatile it can be.
Vegetarian times provides some really nice recipes for us.
I wouldn't throw out the idea of beans and lentils just yet. Some recipes use them and they do not turn out "beany" by any means.
We also love these just make sure you don't add all the mixture or you will have soggy balls. And use parchment, you'll be so glad you did.
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