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Originally Posted by AutumnRose
Everything is just depressing here.

I will have at most, two good weeks, where I have everything under control. Dishes and laundry kept up with, vacuum and sweep daily, quick wipe down of bathroom daily, beds made, the whole nine yards!

Then disaster strikes. I might have one day where I am not feeling well (been having some health issues) and DH and the kids will just destroy everything!

DH always changes at lest three times during the day and has several piles of clothes around the house that he plans on changing back into eventually. He leaves things out everywhere! And the kids are learning his bad habits. My island in the kitchen is devoted to his junk that he nearly has a panic attack over if I touch. I have no idea what half the stuff is most of the time and I end up tossing it into his back room. Which of course he refuses to organize or clean out because he's got "so many things to do".

When DS gets home from school he just drops everything in a trail to the living room. I have to constantly ask "Where do your shoes go, where does you backpack go, etc" He's usually pretty good about going back through and picking back up after himself. But it's annoying that he just refuses to do it in the first place (he's 4 and in PreK). Depending on his mood he's mostly helpful when it comes to picking up and putting his own clothes away. DD who is 3 is another story. Her favorite line is "I cant, I wewey wewey cant" or an overly dramatic "I cant doooo iiiiiiit!" as she slumps to the floor.

It doesnt help that the house is permanently under construction and atm we are all sharing one bedroom and I only have three closets. One is a tiny coat closet that I have finally gotten organized and looks awesome. Then our clothes closet is stuffed with me and two girls (ydd is 1) on one side and my crafting. While the other side is DH's and DS's.

Upstairs is under construction where we have the kid's three beds and dressers stuffed into one side that we are trying to finish. The other side of the attic is unusable and is just being used to store hand-me downs.

I just feel like everyone is working against me. Dont get me wrong DH is great in everything else, this is my only complaint with the man. And after almost 7 years I'm just getting to the point that I'm going to have to make some exceptions here and just pick up where he slacks. I'm just overwhelmed with it all.

ETA: DS has some transition issues, too. He has a melt down when I tell him it's time to do something else, time to eat, time to pick up, quiet time, etc. I just feel like if he was on a good routine he'd be prepared for what came next and I wouldnt have to fight him.

That and if I knew what was on the schedule, what I should be accomplishing, things might actually get done instead of burrying myself into something mindless and pointless to avoid the depression.
I could have written this post! Feels like the construction projects will never end which adds to the bad feelings.
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