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WWYD-possible cat bite?

We have 3 cats. Two are smart and pretty much avoid the kids at all costs. The third however apparently likes torture. It doesn't matter what the 4 year old does to her she keeps coming back to her.

Now don't get me wrong, I do NOT allow my child to torture the cat. Every time we catch her messing with the cat, chasing the cat, coming near the cat even, we impose consequences. But it's having NO effect, because 2 hours later, she's back at it. Natural consequences of the cat scratching her have had no effect either. Again, when we find out she's messing with the cat we punish her but there are times that we don't know she is messing with her and she has gotten scratched.

Well, yesterday, I was putting laundry in the machine, and apparently the cat wandered into the front room with the 4 yr old. All I heard was the cat meow and hiss, then Rae Rae started crying. She came to me, I looked at her hand saw a couple of scratches, sat her in the corner and told her if she would quit messing with the cat, she wouldn't get scratched.

Well this morning, she started to chase the cat, I took her hand to stop her and when I looked at it I noticed that it seemed a little red. I looked closer and it looks like maybe instead of a scratch, the cat might have actually bit her for the first time.

And it appears that it might be getting infected.

I hate to go to the doc over a little cat bit...but on the other hand, I have been bit by a cat before and my thumb swelled up twice it's size in a very short time and ended up in the ER getting some heavy duty antibiotics. So I know cat bites can be no joke.

Would you call the doc, or wait and see?
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