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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of October 29th

Robin--glad you're feeling better! You could always do what my friends did...meds, monitoring, & both IUI and TI--they certainly enjoyed their fertility treatments much more that way

Amy--have you looked into any of the IVF grants yet? There are a lot of hoops to jump through, but I had started looking before I found out that I should have some IVF coverage. Also, the prices can vary significantly; if traveling is an option, you might make out better that way...but $1500 coverage isn't bad, especially if you have either meds covered or can participate in a med donation program. It is scary, but this is the place for support, right?

Mel--sound like a plan. You know how your body deals w/ the progesterone & you're doing this planfully; Fx for the best!

Carissa--waiting stinks! But hopefully you've kind of kick-started your fertility & will have an easier go of it, KWIM?

AFM--I'm still waiting on insurance approval for IVF. I just got off the phone w/ the RE's financial person & she's been going back & forth w/ insurance for a couple of weeks now...hopefully it won't be too much longer! Anyway, part of me is nervous and excited, but life, especially work has just been so busy that I'm kind of glad to not have the added stress of all the monitoring appts, the s/e from the meds, all the worrying about retrievals, & all the other stuff. Plus, I really would like to do a day or two of rest when I'm finally able to do an IVF cycle, & I don't see that happening w/ my work schedule...we're relocating our offices next week, which will make my commute 10 miles longer Oh well, hopefully I'll either have some new job prospects soon or DP will get a new job & we can relocate!
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