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Morning Weaning

I'm pretty sure that I'm ready to be done nursing in the morning. I went back to work when my LO was a year so she's currently only doing two session a day - morning and bedtime. I don't mind the bedtime one, and sometimes I don't mind the morning one, but it's becoming more of a problem. FYI, she's 15 months now.

What happens now is that she'll come to bed with us between 5.30 and 6 and then nurse until 7-8 (depending on day of the week). Unfortunately, this is fairly constant nursing, as in she won't really break off to sleep for more than a few minutes, and it makes it almost impossible for me to sleep during this time because I get rubbed raw.

So what I need to do now is figure out how to stop this session. When my DH goes to get her she freaks out until she gets to me to nurse. She even gets upset if I try to hug her or something else that delays me putting her right to nurse.

When I dropped my daytime sessions it was a combination of setting shorter and shorter time limits and pushing the sessions further and further apart. But I'm not sure what to do for this one. I could cut it shorter and shorter and then probably get up for the day (even though it'll likely be 6AM)... I don't know what else to try, unless cold turkey would be an option (i.e have DH take her downstairs to breakfast when she wakes or something?).

Any suggestions/advice? Thanks!
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