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Re: Sit and stand strollers for dummies??

Originally Posted by Mom2Connor View Post
LO#2 is due in April, DS turns 3 in August. We definitely want a double stroller. We are stroller people, LOL, please, no flames.

DS likes riding in the stroller around places like the mall, etc He plays in the play area, then we wander (DH works nights, so we spend lots of afternoons out and about). At places like the zoo, etc, he usually walks but will ride on occasion too.

So all that said, we definitely want a double stroller. The city mini's look nice and I know they are so worth it, but it's just not likely in the budget and I don't want to spend that much since he probably won't use the double past that first year with newbie. Also, to use with the bucket seat we have to buy attachments, then the tray that holds drinks, etc. It just really adds up.

So we were looking at the graco ready 2 grow double stroller which can hold two seats or one seat and one sit and stand type bench. Problem is the seats only hold up to 40 lbs. DH is 6'3" and a big guy and DS at 2 yrs 3 mo is already almost 33 lbs (just weighed at dr today at an appt). So I doubt that will work long with the two seats.

So my question is this - we already have a good (non expired stored inside) graco snug ride 35 seat that we are going to be using for LO#2. The appealing aspect of the graco sit and stand is that the carseat just snaps right in (according to the BRU employee).

How do the bucket seats work with other sit and stands? The summer will probably contains lots of zoo, museum, etc trips so a bucket seat is a must and it must work with the stroller. Help, suggestions? I'm totally open minded hear. No particular budget, but it'd be nice to stay under a few hundred. I see lots of used sit and stands going to about $50 at places like OUAC and CL, mommy FB groups, etc, but I don't know what works with what seat. I would really appreciate any helpful tips on stroller! Thank you so much!
The front seat of the Ready2Grow goes up to 50lbs. My 2 yr old is 35lbs so that was a huge factor in our decision to buy the stroller.
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