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question about DS' foreskin

I hope this is an ok section and it doesnt have to go into SS... but my DS is uncircumcised. He is 2 years old and last month I changed his diaper right before we left daycare and his foreskin was pulled back and the svincter (sp?) muscle clamped down behind the head and it looked so angry and he was screaming! I about fell over I was so mad becasue i take his pee pee and its comfort very seriously. They had a sub teaching that day and we thought she did it just being ignorant to what NOT to do and how NOT to clean it.

We took him to the Dr. becasue it was so tight it appeared to be cutting off blood flow and the Dr. said it was creating a turnoquet effect. He said its extremely unlikely he did it to himself. We blamed daycare, and they did a lengthy training for all staff about how to care for kids who were uncut.

Well, last night, I took his diaper off to get in the tub and its like that again!!!

He didnt start to cry until the diaper was off and he saw it/air hit it, but that explains why he was a little extra fussy/clingy at home.

The only people who changed him yesterday were people who know better and who i have never had a problem with... Now Im worndering if this is happening on its own??

I immediately got him in the tub and put some baby wash on it to makie it slippery, and it took some work of gently coaxing it over the head of the penis, but once it was down, he said it didnt hurt and the tip was nice and tight/closed again.

I just dont understand. If noone did this to him, can it be happening in the diaper? He doesnt have any naked time at daycare obviously... and during changes they keep his hands off, and he isnt a kid who ever has his hands down his pants. So I am wondering if its possible the svincter muscle at the tip gets too relaxed at times and his being picked up or playing causes it to slide over then it slams shut again and it gets stuck??

Has anyone ever had this happen? He has a well baby visit on the 30th so I fully intend to talk to his Dr about it then, but in the mean time, Im at a total loss. I dont want him to be in pain of have him get damage to it, but have no idea how this is happening.

I know for a fact he is not doing it. When I wipe him or wash him, the tip doesnt open up or slide around easily so its not floppy or anything.

HELP mamas!!!
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