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Re: When did older children visit after c-section?

I am sorry about your mom--it seems like she's being pushy. she should do whatever you need her to do and not push her ideas on you. My mom was awesome when I had my first c-section. I had a complicaed pregnancy and we weren't 100% sure how the baby would be, and when went into labor on my own at 37 weeks and they were rushing me off for a c-section, I specifically asked my mom to take my daugher home and get her dinner and follow her normal bedtime routine. It gave me great comfort in the midst of the stressful circumstances to know that my little girl was going to have as normal of a night as possible. I felt like it was one thing I ha control over in a frightening situation for me. My mom was awesome! She did exactly what I asked and was so wonderful about it. I know she was dying to be able to be there to support me at the hospital...especially because we didn't know what my son's outcome would be...she was dying to meet the baby too...but she knew that doing what I needed was the MOST helpful thing she could possibly do to support me in that moment. Plus, I had my husband with me for the it's not like she was leaving me alone

Anyway....I'm sure that as a probably need to know that your daughter is going to be in a predictable routine. It is SO understandable that you do not want her around what may be a scary time for you (and for her!!).

I would not let your mother push her ideas on you if I were you!
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