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Re: DS broke my stovetop :(

Oh Jen! I so feel your pain!! But, mine was my husband and I'm making him pay for it. We bought brand new double ovens a few months ago. We got an AWESOME deal on them because they were clearance. They are gorgeous with a gorgeous blue interior and have every option there possibly is for double ovens. We never could have afforded them if he hadn't found them on clearance. (He came home from Lowes one night at about 9:30pm and said, I bought you a present! New ovens!! And showed me a pic on his phone. I didn't believe him because it's so out of the ordinary even though we really needed them and I was really wanting them. It was very sweet. ) My husband put aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven when he was cooking a pizza right on the rack to catch and cheese. He didn't realize he was also putting the foil right on the heating element because it is hidden under there. The foil just about caught fire and completely melted onto the bottom. It will NOT come off. We even called the manufacturer to ask for help. They told us it wouldn't come off. My beautiful oven is no longer beautiful. He is probably going to replace the inner lining to get rid of it. Luckily for us, it's just cosmetic. I would be beyond devastated if we couldn't use the upper oven anymore. So, I can imagine how upset you are.

I wouldn't have him pay for it though. And, my kids do the same to get cups out of the cabinet. Maybe put the dishes on the counter the night before so they don't have to climb.

Also, my mom's cooktop cracked with nothing being dropped on it. She had to replace it because it was about a month out of warranty. It happens.
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