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For Sale BJU Language Arts, many grades

From a smoke free home:Everything is $10 each (set) plus shipping

Bob Jones University Press:

Set 1: Grade 1: Phonics Cards (see description below) and Reading CD, Reading Teacher guide (2 volumes) and reading worktext (starts on pg 25)
Phonics Cards etc. I have 2 bags of phonics cards for grade 1. It includes words etc from the lessons printed on BJU cardstock. Also included are the larger word cards, the listening CD and blue endings cards and various other cards. No flip chart.

Set 2: Grade 3:
Reading teacher guide 2 volume set

Set 3: Grade 3: English 3 teacher guide with cd, (possible partial tests)

Set 4 :Grade 4:English 4 Teacher guide with CD. Good to VG condition and English 4 Tests and KEY. They may or may not be complete...

Set 5: Grade 4 Reading teacher guide 2 volume set

Set 6: Grade 5:Reading teacher guide 2 volume set

Set 7 Grade 5 Reading Worktext, student, unused

Set 8: Grade 6:Reading teacher guide, 2 volume set

Set 9 Grade 6 English 6 guide with cd, (possible partial tests, as many as I can locate)

Set 10: Grade 3 Readers (2 books)

The following are $5 each plus shipping

Grade 6 Reader, grade 5 reader (hardcover), grade 4 reader, Grade 2 Reader B (hardcover), Reading 5 Flip Charts

I have most spelling teacher guides for the above listed grades, if you want those..add $4 to your total before shipping...

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