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Re: When did older children visit after c-section?

With my last section my kids saw me right away but our circumstances were different. I went from the Dr.s office to the women's ER to emergency surgery because baby was nonreactive on the non stress test plus his heart rate kept dropping. The kids were actually supposed to go to my sister's during the scheduled section the following week. Since no one was prepared and our doctor was an hour and a half away froheaters we lived the kids spent the entire surgery waiting in the waiting room with my husband. I wound up in surgery alone. My husband and the kids spent the night with me in my post partum room. The next day my sister came for the kids.

In your situation I would be very blunt. My birth, my wishes. I would plainly state I don't want the added stress of arguing do as I wish. If you don't like it keep it to yourself. Now my mother might get mad at me if I said that but she would get over it. With my second child I had a family member who wanted to come wait on the waiting room while I delivered. I flat out said no way you cause me more stress than I need while delivering. If you show up I will have the hospital staff personally escort you off property. This person did not show up for my delivery. They were able to see my son when he was about 3 weeks old when I was ready to see them.
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