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Re: WWYD-possible cat bite?

Quick update, I went ahead and called the doc and brought her in. I had a well child visit scheduled for her and the baby both for Thursday, so we just moved them up to today and got it all knocked out today.

Yes, it is infected and yes it did need antibiotics so I am glad we did go.

The reason I didn't realize that the cat had bitten her is because the scratch was on the top of her hand, but there's a puncture wound bite mark right in the center of the first and middle finger, right between where the two join the palm of her hand. And the infection was spreading (though slowly) down into her hand. My biggest worry and probably a bit paranoid, was that if it spread too much into her hand, it might start to damage the nerves in her hand. It was just in that right awkward spot. The swelling was going down in between the two knuckles. Didn't seem to hurt her though.

Now I just have to watch for any reaction to the antibiotics, in her 4 years, we haven't ever had to give her antibiotics lol.

Yeah, the cats are all up to date on everything and the one in particular that bit her is indoors 99% of the time anyway. She occasionally pulls a houdini act and darts out the door for a bit, but, like I said, she's all up to date on everything.
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