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Had a Wonderful post-op report. Loved today..

Now here is what went on today. Seen our RE today an enjoyed our visit. Our RE told me what all he found during my surgeries. He found stage 1 endometriosis so removed that an found one fibroid that he said will not cause any issues on me getting pregnant. Then our RE said my tubes are not blocked all is clear so that is great news. So he said every thing is a GO for us to start TTC once again. Before me an DH got a word out about what we had talked about our RE said I'm going put you back on Femara an then he asked us this. Do you all want to try on our own for a few months or did we want to do IUI's again as with everything he had done I'm all free of any issues now an should get pregnant shortly. My DH spoke up before my mouth could come open an he said me an my wife talked it over an we like to start IUI's once again. So our RE said OK we will do that. He said for me to start my femara today, for us to start BD'ng this weekend an start opk testing on Tuesday too look for my LH Surge an give his office a call on Tuesday to let them know I had started opk testing an when get my surge call so can come in for a ultrasound an then IUI, but if no surge by day 14 then come in for a ultrasound an then a trigger shot but if get a surge before then call them for sure.

So me an DH is so happy that we got the BIG GREEN light to start TTC again an heard that all my surgeries went great. Then I told my RE I've got another question for you before we leave an he said ok. I told him when had my blood drawn before my surgeries I was told my iron was a little low what can I do for that? Our RE said OK I'm going to put you on a prenatal vitamin that has more iron in it along with a stool softer. Then he said in a week or so he's going to order blood work to recheck it. So I got a new prenatal vitamin to take with extra iron in it. So I start them tonight for supper time.

I'll post more later after rest as really tired from trip an done took femara. Nap time...
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