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Re: spotting 8 weeks PP

Originally Posted by elizabeth.scalf View Post
I'm 8 weeks PP now. My bleeding stopped 5 weeks PP. DH and I resumed 'activity' at 6 weeks, and I saw my MW at 7 weeks. The pap was fine, exam was fine, everything healed beautifully. Then at 8 weeks PP I had a day of heavy discharge and then a day of spotting. Is this my AF returning? I'm EBFing. With my other two EBF babies AF was around 6-7 months, not 8 weeks. So this would be much earlier than anticipated, but I honestly can't remember what a normal period is like.

it's even crossed my mine that I'm pregnant again?!? Normal to spot while EBFing even before a normal AF returns?
It could be a "warning bleed". I've read many EBFing mamas get a spotting/cycle-type bleed before they start ovulating again.

Yes, you *could* be pregnant, though it is unlikely if you are EBFing on demand.

Yes, it is normal to spot while EBFing, even before a normal AF.

I spot all the time very randomly while BFing. And I have regular AFs starting back at 6 wks PP. Everytime. And I EBF.

It's just that your hormones are out of whack, so you sometimes get "break through bleeding" in your cycles. Nothing to be alarmed about. It's totally normal.
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