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Re: Do you have a daily sched.?

I feel for you on the construction mess! We've only done small projects at a time, but the mess it creates drives me nuts!

As for the laundry, I just battled this and I'm comfortable where it is now. I bought one of those 3 bin laundry sorters (white/khakis, bright colors, darks/jeans) and put it in the linen closet outside the bathroom door. When a section gets full, I do that load. If clothes are turned inside out, I don't stain check them and I don't fold them. I wash, dry and fold what can be and stack up the rest on said person's pile. If it isn't in the sorter, then it's not my concern. It only took DH twice wearing dirty jeans to realize that, indeed, I wasn't joking. DS is 4 and I've been trying to train him--always being there when he dresses/undresses so I can remind him right then to put his clothes in the hamper, shoes in the closet, etc.

I think a sit down discussion is in order b/w you and DH. I would just explain that the house being under construction causes enough stress and you'd like his help to keep the clutter at bay. Make every Monday or whatever the clean off the counters day and if his stuff isn't picked up, bag it and take it to his room. Eventually when he can't walk in that room, he might be willing to part with some of it and he'll probably ask you to help !
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