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Re: Summer Clearance - toddler boy lot for $5ppd each item:knit wool, fleece & swimme

You use wool over the top of anything that needs a cover (fitteds or prefolds). Wool requires handwashing and certain wash and lanolin. It is amazing though and worth the effort. Fleece just gets thrown in to the wash like anything else. You can check threads on here for more details on how to care for wool and fleece.

You are right, this is too good of a deal! But, I put it up for sale after summer was over and haven't gotten any bites because everything is out of season. I think everyone is using their pp for the things they need right now. This is the last round that I am going to bump it - after this, I will just store it and list the items individually in the spring and make like 3 times as much money. I would just rather not store the items and wouldn't mind passing on a good deal......
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