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Re: handling awkward toddler comments in public?

Originally Posted by ralenth View Post
We were in the mall one day when my oldest was little. He saw a guy in a wheelchair, and was just fascinated with the whole idea. I explained it to him as best I could, and the guy actually came over and answered my sons questions. It was actually a good learning experience for my son. Later, we were in a clothing store, and he saw a woman with an eye patch. Hollered "PIRATE!" As loudly as he could. Not so pleasant (the lady was not thrilled). After we left, I explained again, as best I could. I use those moments as teaching moments...
sorry this made me laugh.

Ds has a serious speech delay so we haven't had anything like this happen yet. The only thing was he saw a really dark black man and mumbled "oh no" under his breath. Like the man was hurt or something. Same he does for casts and crutches and things.

I'm a special Ed teacher and we take a plain and simple approach. Answer questions or talk about it in a matter of fact way, and encourage normal conversation with the person of focus.
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