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Re: Do you have a daily sched.?

Oh, I forgot the part about a routine.

Mine is...

*wake up about 6:30 (but often it's 6:45), make bed, shower (every other day) and get dressed
*put in contacts, brush teeth and wipe down bathroom sink and clean the toilet (usually only on days I shower, it doesn't need it every day)
*By now it's 7-7:15 and daycare kids start coming. I tidy up anything in the living room that hasn't been picked up yet and start a load of laundry.
*Dc kids play in the living room/kitchen while I unload the dishwasher and start breakfast (around 7:30 by now)
*check email and other important stuff until 8
*get DS up and ready for school-he eats with other daycare kids around 8:30 (he gets picked up at 8:50)
*everyone goes down to daycare area between 8:30-9
*change diapers/go potty/wash hands--I change laundry over
*kids free play while I write homeschool assignments on the dry erase board
*DD2 is usually up, dressed and has eaten by now and takes the older kids out to play--too chilly/damp now for the babies to go out (this is usually about 9:15-9:45)
*dc kids run around inside while I get the girls going on schoolwork (DD1 has usually risen by now)
*I play with babies, and bigger kids, give bottles, get the littles down for nap, etc.
*Around 11:30, I start lunch and the dc kids get to watch something on netflix
*Lunch is at 12:15 (when DS gets home)-everyone eats together. I eat fast and clean up any remaining messes from the morning.
*Nap is from 1-3:30 (girls finish their work and have free time, I work with DS on reading, fold clothes from earlier load, load lunch dishes in the dishwasher, prepare snack and play online)
*Snack 3:30-4 (when it's nice we eat outside and play, but now we indoors quite a bit)
*Dc kids leave between 4 and 5, so I start prepping dinner, cleaning up, motivating my children to do the same
*Depending on the day, we have extra curriculars from 5:30-7 or 8 some evenings (we eat when we can)
*Kids hang out and get computer time downstairs while Mom relaxes and zones out.
*DH gets home at 8:45 on most nights (first job is 7-4 and second job is 5:30-8:30) and he hangs out with the family until 10 or so
*DS goes to bed and the girls head to bed and read for a while.
*I finish cleaning up the kitchen and throw a load in the washer if necessary. Most nights I try to go to be b/w 10:30 and 11.

Even though there are a lot of times associated with our day, I would call it a routine. There certain things we have to have done at "x" time, but other than that, we go with the flow. It just seems that more often than not, things happen at right around the same time.
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