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Re: antimullerian test results are devastating

A little update - dr never did call me back about the AMH results. Very irritating but I am switching insurances and dr's in January anyway, and whatever dr would say really doesn't change our course of action. The situation is kind of weird, the RE I saw actually travels from 2 hours away to my clinic and is only there every couple weeks or so, so no one at the office can really address my concerns. I already have an appt scheduled for another RE on Jan 8, since my insurance is changing on 1/1 and my current doctor will then be out of network.

I started Femara on CD 3-7 this cycle. I went in for follicle monitoring ultrasound today and had 1 excellent follicle and 1 that was a little smaller (18x12). I usually do ovulate anyway, so not really sure the Femara did anything, but we did the trigger shot this morning. I was really hopeful after hearing that I am still producing follicles.

And I should correct something I said in my 1st post - a low antimullerian hormone level indicates low egg quantity, not necessarily low quality.

I'm just glad to still have a little bit of hope again. I apparently still have eggs, and all it takes is one. Thanks for the prayers and please say more and/or send that somehow, some way, a little eggy will implant and stick around for 9 months.
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