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Re: Part-time EC success questionnaire.

1. How "EC" are you? Do you use diapers? Do you go diaper free? Somewhere inbetween?
We use diapers. Prefolds or fitteds in a prefold belt and no covers. Sometimes we go diaper free - when outside, or right after a pee/poop. I'd say diaper free time is between 15min and 2 hours a day. On the shorter side now that the weather is cooler and we're inside more.

2. How old is your baby/child?

Almost 17 months old, and we've been ECing since about 8 weeks.

3. When did your child start to understand the concept of going to the potty (without you putting them there )? When s/he started walking? Talking? Later?

When he was 12 or 13 months old, he learned the sign for "poop," and for about 2 weeks, he would sign to us whenever he wanted to go to the potty. And, suddenly, that all stopped. He hasn't signed "poop" in months, and never cues to go either pee or poop. But, he does know about pottying & what it is for. When we wake up in the morning, he gets up and walks to the bathroom (sometimes with a detour by the toybox , same after his nap. And sometimes he'll walk to the potty when he needs to go, or point toward the bathroom looking uncomfortable... but not often! I think he "got" the concept of the potty well before he could sign or walk, though. He just chooses not to let it get in the way of all the other stuff he wants to do!
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