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HATS, HATS, HATS! Winter is here...get your child an adorable handmade hat!

Who doesn't love an adorable hat?! I have a ton of options to choose from, and love to take on new projects/ideas if you dont see what you are looking for.

All hats are made with acrylic yarn, but wool is available for $5 more per hat! Turnaround time is 1 week from the date of payment.

I LOVE TRADES (ISO list at the bottom)!

I offer generic sizing, but always prefer to work to your child's exact measurements.

Generic Sizing
Infant (fits 6 months through 2 years)
Toddler (2 to 4 years)
Child (4 to 8years)
Everyone Else (Preteen through Adult)

All hats can be color customized - you let me know what colors you would like (color chart can be found towards the bottom). The pictures below are just examples of styles...feel free to get creative!

Animal Hats

Monkey hat - $24ppd

Turkey hat - $24ppd

Bunny Hat - $22ppd

Owl Hat - $24ppd

Kitty Hat - $24ppd

Bear Hat - $22ppd

Dink Spike Hat - $24ppd

Puppy Ear Flap Hat - can be made without the bows and with a circle patch instead of the heart - $24ppd

Puppy Beanie - Can add a bow! $24ppd

Character Hats

Octonauts Captain Barnacles - $24ppd

BroBee Yo Gabba Gabba Hat - $24ppd

Muno Yo Gabba Gabba Hat - $24ppd

Mickey Mouse (Can add bow to make Minnie Mouse) $24ppd

Hello Kitty Hat - $24ppd

SPORTS HATS - Can Be done in Team Colors!

Foot Ball Hat - $24ppd

Baseball Hat - $24ppd

Basic Hats

Visor Hat (add a flower?) - $20ppd

Beanie with Ribbed Brim - $18ppd

Basic Beanie (with or without flower)- $18ppd

Basic Ear Flap Hat (with or without a flower) - $18ppd

Double Tassle Jester Hat - $20ppd

Other Hats

Aviator Cap - $20ppd

Textured Visor Hat - $24ppd

Train Hat - $24ppd

Cupcake Hat - $24ppd




My ISO List:

Giftables for 5, 3 and 2 year old girls
Pajama Jeans size XL
Bed risers (1inch tall)
wristlet with multiple pockets
Xbox 360 controller
xbox 360 games
Yarn (I will be very picky)
3 and 4t girls winter shirts - play condition with cheap prices
Modeling work (product pay - hats) must have a portfolio I can see and access to infants and toddlers / young children
feel free to link me to y our IHA...I might not know what I need yet, lol!
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