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Originally Posted by TonyKariTony
OMG!!! I'm so glad I came across this thread.... I'm ordering a diva cup as soon as AF shows up(she is due in a couple of days).... This cycle was my first time using preseed but I was only able to use it once, I really hope this works... I want a little girl!!!

Did any of the original mamas had success with the cups for gender swaying???
I don't remember anyone ever coming back and saying that they felt like the gender swaying worked. I use to have a list of all the mamas that had success, but when I rejuvenated the thread, I took them down since I hadn't updated it in over a year.

Someone else mentioned the IC being a little better and I agree. The Instead reusable is more rubbery/silicone than the IC disposables and I like the reusables a bit better because of that. Easy to wash and they are both less than $10 a box. The IC sits much closer to the cervix. So I think that is why they are recommended for TTC. Personally it is a lot easier to insert afterwards. TMI maybe but I can slide the IC in without changing positions, but the Moon/Diva is much harder for me to insert without sitting up.
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