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I am looking for cheaper trainers for my 2 year old. He is tall & skinny with average to skinny thighs. He weighs 28 pounds & has a low rise.

Here is what I have tried:
* flips - didnt care for the way the cover for & how the rise snaps came undo when you pulled them down. The inserts are nice though. Prefer cotton.
* grovia - liked the idea of these but a little narrow in the butt even on a skinny kid. Just expensive to buy a bunch.
* gerber - these are easy up & down & soft cotton but don't contain any messes.

I would like to find something not expensive, would be great to have a waterproof option but not opposed to an additional layer of "plastic pants". Would prefer cotton & something that fits my skinny guy. Don't care for pockets but wouldn't be a deal breaker.

The blueberry ones look nice but too expensive. Same with the fuzzibunz.

How are the happy Heiny ones? Pockets right?

Checking into some Scotty pottys too since they have waterproof option.

Also what about imes vimes & ecoposh? They look cozy for at home.

Anyone tried the gerber plastic pants over cotton undies for trips outside the house?


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