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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of October 29th

so i met with the new re tonight, i like him a lot. he is a really new doctor and seems very positive and upbeat which is nice. he reviewed everything with us and felt that since we have only done 2 well done iuis (the ones at our old clinic were poorly done, bad timing, etc) he thinks we should push ahead and try some more iuis before jumping to ivf. his thoght is that we don't have anything 'wrong' no block tubes, ovulate regularly, dh's swimmers are good, so it makes sense to try iui some more. i am good with that but i just hate the roller coaster. so i think we will try 2 iuis with clomid/femara and if that doesn't work 2 with injectibles. if that doesn't work then w are going to move on to ivf, not sure if we will do the low stim or not, he seemed to think we'd be better off with conventional, but we will see. hopefully we won't get that far. so i start my meds probably the end of next week (barring a miracle bfp). i haven't been charting and need to start again, i need a new thermometer so ill go get that soon.
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