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Originally Posted by TexasMelanie
Hello Mamas!

Here is a baby doll that I've made for my daughter and I want to start making these for my store.

I have a few questions for you. Any thoughts are appreciated!

1. I've stitched the eyes on this doll. Do you prefer stitched eyes like this or would you rather have some kind of baby doll safety eye instead?

2. I was thinking of having the doll available as well as additional outfits (a pair of overalls, a dress, etc). Do you think you would be more inclined to buy the baby if there were outfits?

3. There is another pattern where the body includes the legs. Would you find the doll cuter if it had legs as opposed to just the cuddle baby like the above?

4. Right now I'm thinking $25.00 for the doll, $30.00 for the doll and a hat, $35.00 for the doll, a hat and an additional outfit. What do you think about these prices from a fellow crafter's standpoint? Too high? Too low?

Hi I love this doll!!!

1 I like the eyes
2 nothing additional for clothing but maybe you can add a few stitches yellow or brown yarn on the top of the forehead in brown or yellow so it has a little hair. Not hair that dangles but just a little bit. Also for a boy doll you can make the body blue
3 I do like the leg option because then babies can grab doll better. Maybe you can crochet a little blanket in the babies hand that way it is attached and will not be lost
4 I think the pricing should go as follows
Doll like the one pictured $20
Doll like the one pictured w/a (doll sized) blanket attached $25
Doll like the one pictured but with legs $25
like the one pictured w/ legs w/a (doll sized) blanket attached $30

GREAT JOB!!! It is so beautiful!!
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