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Re: Late AF with tubes tied?

Welcome to the untalked about world of Tubal Ligation Syndrome. I wish more people were honest about it so that people could make an informed decision before getting their tubes tied. I had mine done 6 years ago during a csection with my daughter. With my son, just 3 years earlier, I went 9 months before having a period. With her, it was 6 weeks. The periods were UNBELIEVABLE. Clots, no normal timeline, painful, terrible. Then, I started having incredible anxiety and panic attacks. After dealing with the junk for long enough and doing lots of research, I decided to have mine untied. It was worth every penny. However, three months later, I got pregnant We didn't really think it was a possibility since we had to do fertility before and the chances of getting pregnant after a reversal are really low. Anyway, my point is that I feel for you. Educate yourself so that you can know what to really expect. I hope yours even out and get better.
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