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Re: question about temp taking

You can adjust your temp 1/10 of a degree for every 30 minutes in either direction. If you wake up at 5:15 just add 1/10 to your temp and if you wake up at 6:15 just subtract 1/10. You can do this for up to 2 hours in either direction. The key is that you need to take your temp before you get up out of bed. Even getting up to pee, or picking up your LO gets your blood flowing and increases your temp. You want your resting temp and the closer you get to the same time each day, the more accurate the # is. Because there can be such a miniscule difference between pre O temps and post O temps you really want to have consistency in your temp taking time, but as long as you are pretty close, and you take that temp before moving about, you should still see the "spike" on your chart.

I find that as long as I pay special attention the few days before O and the few days after O then the rest of the month doesn't really even matter at all. You just want to see that spike happen to know what day you O'd on.
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