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Re: Do you have a daily sched.?

Originally Posted by 2queens&1princenmyhouse View Post

As for the laundry, I just battled this and I'm comfortable where it is now. I bought one of those 3 bin laundry sorters (white/khakis, bright colors, darks/jeans) and put it in the linen closet outside the bathroom door. When a section gets full, I do that load. If clothes are turned inside out, I don't stain check them and I don't fold them. I wash, dry and fold what can be and stack up the rest on said person's pile. If it isn't in the sorter, then it's not my concern. It only took DH twice wearing dirty jeans to realize that, indeed, I wasn't joking. DS is 4 and I've been trying to train him--always being there when he dresses/undresses so I can remind him right then to put his clothes in the hamper, shoes in the closet, etc.

I use to have a sorter but it was a cheap kind and fell apart. I never replaced it because our laundry room is in our bathroom closet. The washer and dryer fill up the space and I do not have enough room in the bathroom.
I could probably put one at the foot of the stairs, there is a little space on the wall between the stairs and bathroom shouldn't block the stairs either!!!

I think DH took a peak at my account yesterday while I was out(we have an all access policy, he can get into my stuff and I can get into his. I kinda stink at communicating so it's our way of keeping lines open). When I came back home from hanging with bff the dishes and laundry were done!!!

A lot of the construction would have been done by now if life wasn't busy throwing curve balls at us. DH and I both have some physical limitations. His actually causes his immune system to not be as strong as it ought to be. Then now almost two years ago he lost his job because the contractor he was working for fell off the roof they were working on and broke his neck. We were out of work for 8 months, no UI for 6 of those months. We were just surviving on odd jobs he was able to pick up which just kept the house payed for and the utilities from being turned off. All the back pay from UI went toward paying up our over due bills and nothing was left over.

When he finally found another job it only paid $20 more a week then UI was. But it's work! Then I became unexpectedly preg with #3 and had to replace all the baby stuff I had sold to help us get through the no work time period we had just experienced.

DH has been working a full year now with no speed bumps. Except that he works for the school so there are a lot of time off for breaks and two summer vacations(started working in Feb 2011 as a temp. Officially hired in July, had a 6 week summer run, then started back up again in Sept. Worked a full school year, had a 6 week summer run and now we are starting a new school year. This July was officially a full year where he got a raise.) So we have to deal with a lot of weeks with no pay and trying to find side work to help cover other needs. ATM we are living on just under $800 a month. So needless to say if raising three kids wasn't emotionally demanding already...I've got a lot on my plate.

Thanks to everyone for the ideas, scheds. and tips. I'm gonna keep looking it over and try to incorporate them into the next week. Hopefully I can get a grip on this chaos!
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