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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (November)

I won't fire you either. Because then computer illiterate little me might have to take over and trust me when I say nobody would want that :P

Had another quick checkup at the peri yesterday and bean is growing great at 42mm (measuring 1 day ahead). My thyroid is actually hyper despite not keeping down my meds many days (I'm usually hypo and have Hashimoto's). So I get to not take them at all and we'll re-check in 2 weeks. Peri once again said that baby is looking great and he can't think anything will go wrong at this point. I'm slowly starting to tell more people-mostly from work where the rumors have been flying high since I've been on sick leave for 4 weeks now and people have been thinking I'm seriously sick. (well not that the hyperemesis is not serious but I will most definitely survive it!) 11w tomorrow (not sure why my ticker is off a day?)
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