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Re: Crochet Baby Doll - Thoughts Needed

Originally Posted by TexasMelanie View Post

1. I've stitched the eyes on this doll. Do you prefer stitched eyes like this or would you rather have some kind of baby doll safety eye instead?

2. I was thinking of having the doll available as well as additional outfits (a pair of overalls, a dress, etc). Do you think you would be more inclined to buy the baby if there were outfits?

3. There is another pattern where the body includes the legs. Would you find the doll cuter if it had legs as opposed to just the cuddle baby like the above?

4. Right now I'm thinking $25.00 for the doll, $30.00 for the doll and a hat, $35.00 for the doll, a hat and an additional outfit. What do you think about these prices from a fellow crafter's standpoint? Too high? Too low?

1. LOVE the doll!! The eyes are adorable!!!

2. I think extra outfits are a great idea... maybe you could sell it as a layette for one purchase option (as opposed to buying the doll alone). I agree w/a PP, if a doll would look more boyish (overalls), I'd be more likely to buy it for my DS too.

3. I think this is just too cute... I think younger kiddos would LOVE this... but having kids of a wide age range myself, I can say that I think if you want to broaden your market, I'd maybe offer both options (cuddle baby & a baby w/legs) as older kids like legs, or at least mine do... they like to set their babies in high chairs, strollers, etc. & w/out legs they just flop over ... & that causes frustration... at least in my house it does... now the cuddle babies are set aside for the baby & the toddler opts for babies w/legs as do the older kiddos.

4. I agree w/others to start at $20 & go up from there.
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