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Stealing her infancy...a worried momma

This will probably get kind of long...just to warn you now.

I am 26 weeks pregnant with our third child. My oldest son, Jackson, is almost 8, my daughter, Josalyn, is almost 2, and Jase will grace us with his presence at the end of January.

Jase was planned. Well, mostly. We decided we wanted another baby, and we didn't want the age gap to be as big as it is between Jax and Josie. We went off of birth control with the idea to just let my body regulate itself so we could start "actively trying" in maybe 6 months or so. Wrong. I was prego the next month.

I am freaking out right now. Not because I don't think I can handle them, or care for them, but because I feel that Josie's infancy is being taken from her too early. She is absolutely the baby right now. She self weaned around 15 months, but we are still joined at the hip. We co-sleep, and she wouldn't have it any other way. And really, neither would I. I love the bond we have and I feel that she is too small to understand the new baby and all of his needs. Hubby does help, but he works nights, and sleeps during the day, so I'll be largely on my own. Josie is going to need to be showered with affection too during this difficult transition, and I don't know how I am going to nurse a newborn and rock a 2 year old to sleep at the same time. I just feel like she is totally getting the short end of the stick! Any mommas with kids 2 years apart or less that can relate and give me some advice? I just cry about it because (well, I'm hormonal for one thing haha) I feel so bad for her and I feel that, even though we want Jase and can't wait for his arrival, the timing for HER is terrible. ( I feel like she doesn't get to be a baby now.
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