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Re: Stealing her infancy...a worried momma

Originally Posted by Momma2theJs View Post
Thank you guys so much. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who felt that way! She DOES love to help, even without Jase here yet. She puts clothes from the washer into the dryer, helps wipe down the table, etc. On top of what I posted, I also worry about their being a big jealousy issue with her, since she does still cosleep, and we rock in the rocking chair, etc. She is very much the baby right now. She loooves babies and I think she'll love Jase and do well with him, but it's the time that he'll take me away from her that i'm worried about.
I really think, from experience, that if you just make it fun and exciting, it lessens or totally kills the jealousy issue.

As far as her being rocked or cosleeping, your lap will fit 2 kids, and your bed will probably hold 2 kids, too.

If not, why not transition her out of those things now, before the baby comes? You have the time before the baby arrives. We just moved our 18 mo old out of the crib and to the bottom bunk in ds room so the newbie can use the crib when he arrives.

Could part of it be that you are having trouble with the idea of her growing up?
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