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Prayers for my little brother in an abusive relationship

Thanks for reading, I'll try to keep this short. My brother has been in an out of an abusive relationship for years and finally found the strength to end things for good this past summer. Well she slept around after they broke up and found out she was pregnant and came back begging him to take her back and he did. She is extremely dangerous and violent and I'm very scared for him. She was arrested and institutionalized for a while (before they started dating) because of her violence and when they were together before she abused him verbally all the time (even in front of us) and he was always covered in bruises and had black eyes. Our family has chosen not to be around her anymore and while he was making an effort to still see us for important family events he informed us this past week that he isn't allowed to see us anymore unless she's allowed to come as well. He won't even answer phone calls or return text messages. We were so thankful our prayers had been answered and now things are worse than ever. I am requesting prayers for God to watch over him and the baby and to keep them both safe. Thank you.
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