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How long to "froggy" a newborn?

I'm currently wearing my almost 4wk old in an MT. He'll be 4wks on Friday. It seems crazy to me that I'm asking this, but how long am I supposed to wear him froggy style? It was working fine and then all the sudden yesterday and today, he doesn't really want to froggy his legs when I put him in. So, it's a bit of a struggle. It's worse today. His feet are pushing down and slipping under the bottom belt portion of the MT. I'm having a hard time describing what he is doing. His feet aren't coming out from the bottom, but they almost are because he is pushing them downward. Hopefully, that makes sense. Now, tonight, he is even pushing up with them. It's making me uncomfortable, both from a physical standpoint and a safety one. Tonight, I'm wearing him out of desperation because I HAD to put my 2.5 year olds to bed and the baby won't stop crying. Otherwise, I wouldn't even wear him while he is doing this. I am holding onto him when he pushes. He isn't unsafe.

Anyway, so I feel like froggy'ing his legs isn't going to work much even tomorrow. I wear him at least once a day around the house, usually more, and anytime we are out. Help.....

What are my options for a baby this young?

Oh, and he is a big baby. He was 10lb on Monday at the pediatrician. I've always had tiny, not on the chart babies. He is my first out of 6 to be on the chart and he's in the 74th percent for weight! I feel like I'm in uncharted waters.
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