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Re: Crochet Baby Doll - Thoughts Needed

Originally Posted by ARogers View Post
3. I like the doll without legs for younger ones, but I think an option with legs would be nice for older kids (we have doll CDs that could be used on it).
I am such a dork... I didn't even notice you mentioned legs for older kiddos in the post right before I did ! We'll attribute that to mama mush brain! LOL

I LOVE the idea of a CD if the doll had legs... we have dolls we use CDs on too... very good point!

Originally Posted by TexasMelanie View Post
Thank you! That is a good idea about broadening my market by making two types of dolls so that they would appeal to different ages. I made a pair of overalls and put the photo on the first post and of course they can always be made to look like a pair of boy overalls and the baby like a boy!
Oh man, those overalls are ADORABLE!!!!! And your DD is beautiful too!!!!!

Custom eye color, etc. are FANTASTIC selling points... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hair tuft... too cute!!!

Now take this FWIW coming from a mama of kids w/darker hair (light brownish) & it is not meant to offend mamas of blonde DC, of course, but it gets very irritating not to be able to find any dolls (besides ones like AG that cost $105+) w/brownish hair... every doll we find is BLONDE ... even my kids are getting more & more disappointed... for you to offer a doll w/features mamas can personalize, it would be a great selling point!

Beautiful work!!
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