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Lots of items--shirts, shorts, pants--boden, gap, Naartije, etc

Going through closets since sizing up (or 2!) Prices do NOT include shipping--mainly looking for pp atm. All items have been worn so do have some wash wear. I will note if it seems more than typical (play condition), have any noticeable/crazy/obvious stains, or if it seems in better condition. If you'd like better pics, please lmk! thanks.

Hanna Andersson size 80 sweater. guc asking 8



top left--gap size 3 really cute dress shorts, asking 5--sold
top right--gap size 3, asking 4--sold
bottom left--gymbo shorts size 2, asking 3--sold
bottom right gymbo size 3, asking 3--sold

SOLDtop left--mini boden size 3--asking 6
top right--gap size 3 cute lightweight cotton jean(ish) shorts, asking 5
bottom--size 3 gap shorts, asking 5

gymbo size 2, asking 4

top left gap ss button shirt, size 3, asking 3
SOLDtop right, Janie and Jack LS light cord button shirt, size 3 asking 4
bottom left--gap 50/50 cotton/linen button down LS/roll up sleeve shirt, size 3--this is a bit more worn, asking 2
SOLDbottom right, gap LS/roll up sleeve button shirt, size 3, again, this got more wear, asking 2

LEft-Gap size 3 lightweight button SS shirt, asking 2
SOLDRight--Tea size 3 cotton ss button shirt, asking 4

top left--sold
SOLDtop right--naartjie size 2t asking 5
bottom left--baby gap size 2 hooded shirt, asking 3
SOLDbottom right--mini boden size 2/3 some grease spots, asking 4

top left--chaps size 24 months, asking 2
SOLDtop right--sweet potatoes, size 2 asking 3
SOLDbottom left-peanuts size 3t (more like 2/3) christmas shirt, asking 3
SOLDbottom right--naartjie size 18/24 months, asking 5

Polo Ralph Lauren lightweight jacket, size 2 asking 7

gymbo size 3 jammies, asking 2

top left--dharma trading tye dye size 24 months snap down footless, asking 4
top right and bottom row all Hanna Andersson zipper footless pj's all size 80 all in guc--not much wear. asking 7 each--MONSTER, PIRATE AND OWL STILL AVAILABLE


left--oilily size 98 jeans--adj inside waist, asking 8
right--me too--the size on the tag has been worn but its hard to see, but i believe its an 80. adj waist inside. asking 7

SOLDtop left--mini boden velour sweats--size 3 but more like a 2! asking 5 some wear.
top right--baby gap jeans size 18/24 months, asking 5
SOLDbottom left--tea size 2. has grey cotton lining inside, asking 5
bottom right--gap size 3 linen/cotton pants--has hole near knee--ffs

left--gap size 2, asking 5
right--naartjie size 18/24 asking 6

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