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Re: C-section ?s

1) How soon before I can hold my baby?

I could hold both my boys immediatly after birth. DS1 was full anesthesia and I held him as soon as I woke up. DS2 was spinal and I held him in the Op as the operation was still ongoing he was with me from the time he was delivered.

2) How does the csxn affect breastfeeding? How soon can I breastfeed? I've dealt with oversupply with my other two, but I've heard planned csxns often struggle with supply?

DS1 had issues but I did not have much pro breastfeeding support and we had thrush from antibiotics, it is a risk but treatable and any good lactation consultant and doc would catch it early. Ds2 was nursing as soon as I was in the recovery room and has no issues at all. Each baby is different.

3)With my vaginal births I never took anything other than motrin...obviously I'll likely be needing something stronger this time around. How has this affected your LOs when breastfeeding?

If I may be frank you wont need anything more though you may want more In Europe they are very different with pain meds. I got one dose narcotic and from day one I was high doses of ibuprofen and paracetemol which was slowly lowered. Today I am 10 days post op and have notyet taken any ibuprofen its my first day that I made it this far. That said there are plenty of stronger pain meds you can safely take while breastfeeding, but you can also go the ibuprofen route, I wont lie it is rough especially the first days, but each day gets better. I was standing the same day as my op and walking the next, I was not thrilled about it, but it was doable.

4)How soon before usually before you're in a postpartum room typically?

A few hours in recovery then I was in my own room, maybe 2 hours tops.

5)I desperately want to be able to see my other 2 girls that afternoon/evening. They are 4 and DD2 will be 21 months when I have this LO...I don't want to traumatize them either...will it be appropriate for them to visit?

My 22 month old came to meet his brother just a few hours after I was putr into my own room and I even nursed him, just carefully, and I did not try to pick him up I had him brought to me to sit next to me and explained he had to be careful, he did really well.

6)I'm assuming I'll need someone with me the first night especially if I want to keep baby with me, but I prefer DH to go home with the others kiddos to try and keep things as normal as possible. Will I need someone after the first night with minimal help from the nurses or would I even be able to keep baby with me?

I am in europe which is different but rooming in is the norm. I could hav been alone and had the nurses do changes and life him up and down but I did not want that so we paid extra so my mom could stay, I believe in the us family can stay for free? In germany we have to pay for a private room its not covered by insurance. I had my mom the first 2 nights and it was a huge help, but if not the nurses will help with everything.

7)How awful is it going home...especially with older kiddos (DD1 is 4 and fairly independent, but super active...and sassy. DD2 again will be 21 mos., and she's super attached to me now). I've told DH that he needs to take at least 2 weeks off of work. Will that be enough? Getting others to help is kind of a pain b/c my MIL is super sweet, but drives me nuts so she's only helpful in small doses, my mom usually watches my sister's kids (and not really well) so I end up with 4 kids tearing my house apart instead of just my own 2, and most of my close friends also have kids so I really don't want to burden again some of them it ends up being more like a circus than any help with the addition of their kids.

It is a rough transition especially for the smaller kids, my husband is home 3 weeks and my mom is here 5 from the US. My son is having a very rough time adjusting but it is his first sibling, I dont think my c section makes it any different except the first few nights laying down pain is worse so I needed a lot of help with night and morning care. Otherwise no difference from a normal birth.

Lastly, what kind of things will I need/make thigns easier in the hospital and at home. Can anyone reccomend an abdominal binder? If you've used one did it seem to help?

I have never used an abdominal binder, I think it would be bad over the scar as irritation plus you need fresh air to heal. Important cotton underwear, one that goes over the scar like haines briefs. Also a firm pillow for the first days to hold against your stomach if you laugh, cough, or to help sitting up and down. Also a good quality breastfeeding pillow is a great help.

Not a lot is different, I can wear my son in a moby, I can pick up my soon to be 2 year old. I do not know vaginal birth as both my boys ended c section but the counce back is pretty fast, not as fast as vaginal but also not exteremly long either.

Hope that helps feel free to pm me if you have more questions
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