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Re: C-section ?s

1) How soon before I can hold my baby?

I held my babies in the recovery room. At our hospital they make you lie down flat for a certain amount of time and so while I got to hold them in there, I didn't get to snuggle/snuggle for a couple more hours.

2) How does the csxn affect breastfeeding? How soon can I breastfeed? I've dealt with oversupply with my other two, but I've heard planned csxns often struggle with supply?

My milk doesn't come in (it didn't with my vaginal birth either... inadequate supply of milk glands). I do nurse because I make a couple Tbsp. though and I was able to nurse in recovery and find positions that were good. A PP mentioned antibiotics and thursh... My Pediatrician has me start giving my newborns probiotics as soon as they are born to counteract the antibiotics. 3 out of 3 times it has worked!

3)With my vaginal births I never took anything other than motrin...obviously I'll likely be needing something stronger this time around. How has this affected your LOs when breastfeeding?

I took motrin and oxy. Didn't notice much (but read #2). My SIL did notice a difference with her LO though (they were both so sleepy) and so she switched to something that starts with a D (Demerol?) and found that pain med worked a lot better for them.
Stay on top of pain meds though!!! Make a time sheet of what and when you are to take something (you'll go home with: pain med, motrin, colace, and iron... it can get confusing in the middle of the night and everyone is groggy).

4)How soon before usually before you're in a postpartum room typically?

I spent an hour in the recovery room for my 3 c-sections.

5)I desperately want to be able to see my other 2 girls that afternoon/evening. They are 4 and DD2 will be 21 months when I have this LO...I don't want to traumatize them either...will it be appropriate for them to visit?

With my kids (they are all 1 year apart), I buy a couple new toys and a new dvd (like with #3, the older 2 were 2 and 1 yrs old) and they came to see me early evening (the c/s was 8am). I was happy to see them, but told them they could only kiss me. Then we broke out the dvd and let them watch it while one by one they came up and saw the baby. Then on the 3rd day, they came again for another small toy... just so I could watch them play for 30minutes and then they could head out. With #4, they came the day after the c-section (they were new 4, new 3, and 1-1/2) and they got a new toy and watched a cartoon. With the noise level I was ready for them to go back home an hour later! haha.
-So it's really upto you on when you want them to come. I don't think you'll traumatize them... you'll just be in your bed (the railings need to be up so they don't run upto your belly!) and off limits unless Papa lifts them up to kiss you quick.

6)I'm assuming I'll need someone with me the first night especially if I want to keep baby with me, but I prefer DH to go home with the others kiddos to try and keep things as normal as possible. Will I need someone after the first night with minimal help from the nurses or would I even be able to keep baby with me?

Different hospitals have different rules about baby with you without someone present (my hospital allowed it). I ALWAYS want someone with me the first night especially though. I don't change diapers that first night and can't lift the baby well. The other nights are optional. I tend to like someone with me at night and them being gone in the day is fine. The baby is allowed to stay with me the entire time, but by the 4th kiddo, I happily let the nurses snuggle with the baby while I caught a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep. I knew at home I wouldn't get that luxury. The nurses were always happy to help me when DH or my family wasn't there though.

7)How awful is it going home...especially with older kiddos (DD1 is 4 and fairly independent, but super active...and sassy. DD2 again will be 21 mos., and she's super attached to me now). I've told DH that he needs to take at least 2 weeks off of work. Will that be enough? Getting others to help is kind of a pain b/c my MIL is super sweet, but drives me nuts so she's only helpful in small doses, my mom usually watches my sister's kids (and not really well) so I end up with 4 kids tearing my house apart instead of just my own 2, and most of my close friends also have kids so I really don't want to burden again some of them it ends up being more like a circus than any help with the addition of their kids.

We work it out so my DH takes off 2 weeks and then a family member comes out (sister usually) for 1 week to help after that. For #4 though, my mom and sister each came out for 1 week (separately) and so I had help for a month (and needed it!). For my first c-section, help for 3 weeks was perfect though. So if you can arrange it, do it! Give up control of what the house looks like or how the laundry is folded or how dishes are washed, and just be grateful for the help (learned that!). It will save your sanity. Also, shut yourself up in your room if you start going crazy and turn on a fan or some soft music.
-Start teaching your toddler how to climb into her carseats, booster chair, crib etc. Start training her that you can only hold if she climbs on your lap from the couch. Start telling her you can only lift her off of chairs (when you are finally allowed to pick her up, it is MUCH easier when she is on a raised surface). All this will make for a better recovery.

Lastly, what kind of things will I need/make thigns easier in the hospital and at home. Can anyone reccomend an abdominal binder? If you've used one did it seem to help?

I just got one from Babies R Us. Okay, not to freak you out because it's not necessarily painful all the time; but they help because when you stand up without using counterpressure of some kind (a band, a sheet you hold against yourself) it can sometimes feel like your insides are gonna fall out of your incision. It's not true, but it can feel that way! That counterpressure provides relief.

Helpful Hints:
-time sheet for medications
-probiotics for newborns
-teaching toddler more independence with higher surfaces
-buying a stash of small trinkets and toys for post-partum recovery! it's so helpful when the older kids get bored or want you, but you need to rest or are in pain... great for distracting and having them do something fun. (I go to Dollar Tree and find things and then usually get a new dvd or 2 and get one nicer toy each).
-stay ontop of pain meds (it's much easier to stay on top of pain than to have to catch up with existent pain)... you are not a superhero if you stop pain meds early and suffer through it.
-make freezer meals for family prior to baby coming. That way if you are home alone or DH can't cook, you and your family are still eating healthy meals. I did not do this after #2 baby and we ate crap because dh doesn't cook, I felt like crap too (for eating it and feeding it to my first son). With baby #3, I cooked 6 weeks worth of meals and it was wonderful. With #4 I cooked 4 weeks worth. Makes life much easier! Also great when you don't have help anymore, but are still not back to normal yet. At least supper is took care and breakfast too (if you make breakfast meals in the freezer as well).
-WALK, WALK, WALK in the hospital and at home! It doesn't feel good at first, but it will help you heal faster and is supposed to help lessen adhesions! Just short walks, frequently, will even help. walk, walk, walk
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