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Re: Risks Associated with Shoulder Dystocia-Brachial Plexus Injuries

Originally Posted by CrystalnIzzy View Post
Gabriel was my 3rd, but 2nd vaginal delivery. He was only stuck for a minute but ended up with a brachial plexus injury and did not breathe right away after delivery. The nurse was calling the resuscitation team when he started breathing on his own. Thankfully he does not have any issues from lack of oxygen. My first vaginal delivery was a slight shoulder dystocia but I was never informed about any of the risks that come along with it.
Do you take him to Dr. Kozin at Philly Shriners? Saw you were in PA. We go to Cincy's BP Center in Ohio and both places send people wanting second opinions to each other since they are a tight community. So sorry to hear that the doctors didn't inform you after your first birth! With the likelihood of it happening again 7x greater, I'm upset for you that you didn't get to make an informed choice about whether to try a vag. birth again or choose a c-section!

Dolphingirl-Thanks for the prayers. After this week we will resume our normal schedule of OT, AT, and Gymnastics and that will feel like a vacation! Mr. Man has a great attitude and it will be nice to get that little boy back (he is just exhausted after each day's long therapy session and has pottying accidents... he's 5, and is zoned out and can't focus). It's been good though because we now know what movements just will not be coming back, what his range will stay on other movements, and what he can get stronger on. I'm thankful now I know what to push him on and what I can't (because it won't help). He is so proud of himself for this program and on Friday will be getting a toy he's very much earned for all his hard work!

That must have been a very odd position your infant was in to be stuck for so long! Sometimes it doesn't have to do as much weight as it does with body build. Did he have very broad shoulders? I remember with Bubby, he was only 9.8 and yet his shoulders were massive. He seemed disproportionate at times and build so much like my husband (huge shoulders and torso, but smaller legs). When #2 was born (at 10.3), he looked smaller to me because he was much more proportionate that #1! The last 3 have been c-sections because the risk is too great and my boys kept getting bigger with no GD (9.8, 10.3, 12.2 and then my small baby girl at 8.8).

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