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Originally Posted by steph410
I'm curious about this as well. I've personally had two natural births (without epidurals). This is how they went:

The first one I was standing up, but leaning over the bed with my hands supporting me. My body sort of started to push on its own. At the very end I got in a semi-reclined position in the bed and the pushing stage went super quick.

The second one I think I was not quite ready to start pushing yet- my doctor checked me and said I was 9cm with a lip and I could push a little if I wanted to.
I was so tired of contractions, etc that I got in a semi-reclined position in the bed, but pushing didn't go as well. It took longer and my baby was even stuck at the shoulders momentarily. I really wish I would have remained standing or some other upright position for longer instead up getting up on the bed.

this next time around I want to be more patient and not get in the semi-reclined position unless necessary.
And next time wait for that urge instead of the dr telling u to push. I found that urge unmistakable. It's really when my body is completely ready.
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