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my first step was getting him out. I kept the house, filed bankruptcy on the cars and everything else. I used tax return for new cheap car.filed for food stamps and medicaid right away. As soon as he was out I was eligible. With food stamps, I was able to file for child support and for divorce for no cost. I am/was a full time student so I applied for grants that paid tuition, books and daycare. Everything helps. If she is afraid of of not having a good job, I highly recommend going back to school. A part time job helps too. Maybe she can join moms groups and do baby swap so she doesn't have to pay for daycare. If she is low enough income, she may qualify for child care assistance but she has to work to have it. The state aid is there to help, and as hard as it is to take it and swallow your pride, some times it is what is best for your baby. My X was an addict turned alcoholic and I was not going to raise my baby in that mess, especially after a year of hell with him. I took all help I could get to get us out of it. We are happy, healthy and moving forward but it is not easy, to get started or to get through.
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