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Re: Ever have that feeling something is wrong?

I do think it is linked to our past m/c. I never felt that way with any of my past pregnancies, but I have had that feeling a few weeks ago that I wasn't really pregnant. I went out and bought a test and the line came up nice and dark immediately. :-)

Then, the morning sickness has hit full force which is comforting, but I went in to the Dr last week and they did a pee test and the whole time, as I'm sitti g their feeling pukey, I'm fearing they are going g to come out and tell me it was negative. They came out and didn't say anything, just continued on with the exam. I had to ask. --felt stupid. They looked at me strange and said, " Uh...yeah."

My u/s is on Tuesday and i am excited, but a bit scared. I will be almost exactly the same weeks I was when I went in to see Lulah on u/s and she had past. I remember not believing the u/s tech when she told me their was no heartbeat. She just looked so perfect on the screen. And measured to the day. Just so still.
I think that is the first thing I want to see is bean movi g and jumping around d. That will make me happy.
No fear. Only joy. No fear. Only joy.
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