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Originally Posted by thtr4me
Have you lost weight at all? I know with DS1, if I got below a certain weight, my supply totally tanked. I have found I do best with my supply when I eat lots of protein and fat. Full fat yogurt, lots of butter, eggs, meat, etc. I have mostly dealt with over-supply this time around, so have not had to worry as much as I did with DS1. I am now below my supply threshold weight from DS1, with no dip at all. I think the higher fat/protein diet has been helping keep things going.

Hope things continue to go in the right direction for you!
I was losing a lot of weight until about a month ago because my daughter needed dairy free milk. I've been back to eating dairy for about a month and have stopped losing weight. I eat a good amount of Greek yogurt, cook with butter and make my oatmeal with milk. Still no AF since 3 or 4 months BEFORE I got pregnant with dd (good proof you can get pregnant without AF!) so I don't think that's an issue. My supply has been plenty for my dd all week and she's been a much happier/content nursling. Who knows! I'm just glad it's back. I appreciate all of the help/support.
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