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Re: Gender thread!

Originally Posted by Donthaveaclue View Post
I had never heard the whole "multiple showers is tacky" thing until about a year ago and I thought it was so odd. I have family who have had 4 kids and 4 showers and a friend who had 5 kids and 4 showers (one set of twins). I always enjoy the showers and feel like they are for the baby not the parents. Why are you against multiple showers? We have had memebers at our church who were against having a 2nd shower for their own pregnancies and our members still wanted to do things for them and bought them gifts anyway. I wonder if it depends on where you live because not having a shower with every baby was unheard of until I moved.

For me the reason for a baby shower is to celebrate the women becoming a mother and the baby. Gifts are giving for the baby and it's a very special time. After a first child is born you are already are a mother and you most likely already have most of the baby stuff you need for a second baby. When a second or third child is born friends and family can then feel free to bring a gift when they come to meet the baby if they feel the need- but it's not mandatory like it would be if they were invited to a baby shower. For me it's just too much and I don't need all that stuff.
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