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Re: Detailed and thorough kindergarten curriculum

I am a MFW user and we enjoy it. It works well for our family. HOWEVER, if I knew I was definitely putting my child in school the following year, I wouldn't choose it. When they are finished with K, the child can read basic CVC words. Phonically, it doesn't take children as far in reading as many other programs do. Comparing with my friends children who were in school were reading on a higher level than my son and not just because my son doesn't like reading. When you use it with their program for 1st, it is fine for reading because they teach everything else in 1st very quickly. But, if I knew I was going to send my child to school, I would want a more advanced phonics program because I feel this is more basic.

Also, the math is hands-on. There isn't a clearly laid out math program. Many people don't find that to be a problem. K math is easy to teach in a hands on way as long as you know what they need to know. Others don't like that. I felt that I needed more hand holding to know what to teach and when. So, we got Singapore math.

All of that said though....I still really do love the MFW K program. I like the gentle intro to schooling. It was perfect for us and for my son. I don't have any issues with going slowly in the early years and actually prefer it. I think they move too fast in schools, personally. But, I wanted you to know that it is a more basic program.
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