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Re: What have they said to you lately?

LOL these made me chuckle.

My YDD (19 mos old) has learned to say "Spy-bah-mah" which means SPIDERMAN! It's hilarious, esp since she is a slow talker and it's one of her only 10-15 words. I let DS (4) watch the old OLD Spiderman cartoons (certain ones that don't feature rampant discrimination and are not very violent), and as soon as YDD sees Netlflix pop up, she runs to the couch and shouts excitedly "SPY-BAH-MAH! SPY-BUH-MAH!"

This isn't funny, so much as it is touching, but yesterday my ODD (almost 6) got sent to her room for some bad behavior. She came back out with tears in her eyes and a note that she'd written to me that said she was sorry. (It said: "I am Soree for Making a Big Seen.") That really made me well up and give her a great big snuggle. (why she wrote that she was making a scene, I have no idea LOL that part was weird, but I took the apology anyway!)

And DS lately keeps saying randomly, "Mommy? ..... You are the PRETTIEST mommy." Or, "You're so BEAUTIFUL." Or, "You're the BEST mommy."

Ugh. I love my kids so much.

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