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Re: What have they said to you lately?

lol i love these things! my ds (3 yrs) says the most hilarious things. he's such a chatter box. to everyone.

when we were trick or treating, this one lady wouldn't open her door, and instead cut a slit in her screen to hand candy out of (presumably because of the dog inside). and ds is all: "what you doing? why your door not open? can i open it? that your dog? what it doing? it barking? woof woof! hi doggy! hi!" all while trying to open the door......we thanked her for the candy and hurried him away while he continued to shoot questions at her back over his shoulder......

when i got all dressed up for dd's baptism: "oh mommy! you are soooo handsome!"

last night:

me: "come on buddy boy, it's time for bed!"
ds: " i not buddy boy. i dylan boy! and you mommy boy!"
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