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Originally Posted by tedcgh
Thank you for posting a new thread! I was lost without you guys. Deanna I am still so excited for you. How cool about the possible conception date. Sorry for how bad last month was.

I am having trouble with getting to the full website on mobile. So the fake color coding will have to do. So RED- I am in the 2WW 8dpo. I POAS and swore I could see something but DH told me I was crazy. Now I am waiting. Really. Well maybe.

Green- I hate to admit it, but my absolutely fave foods is pizza and ice cream.

The kids and I have been sick this week. I am ready for it to be over. I hope DD is over this Dow her birthday. I am sure she will, but she has been planning her party for a long time. Plus my nephew should be born any day now and if we are sick, we won't be able to visit.
Hope you all start feeling better quick!

QOTW: Sushi! I could eat sushi 3 meals a day/7 days a week. Thank goodness most of the ones I get are cooked, cause I seriously don't think I could go 9 months without it.

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