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Originally Posted by mommajewels
All this shower talk, a confession: This is my 6th baby and I've never had a shower. People have asked to host one for me, and I ask them not to. Strange, eh? I have a bit of social anxiety disorder and I get really antsy and uncomfortable when I'm the "center of attention" in crowds so the whole idea makes me uncomfortable. Of course family & close friends have brought gifts when they come see the baby for the first time which doesn't bother me so much, but I just never was able to bring myself to have a shower. :/
This is our third and I've also never had a shower. Were not close to family (being Military). I'd never go home just to get a shower. I was raise Military so I dont have many friends. Just a good amount of friends spread *all* over the place.
I sometimes feel totally "looked over". No one has ever even offered
We have gotten the occasional present for the kids but 90% of the stuff the kids have we bought.

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