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Smile Re: TTC 30+ Nov. 8-Nov. 18

Finally a new thread so hopefully will not be alone now. While waiting to Ovulate then after do my IUI may have so others to be buddies with. We're excited to finally get started once again...

Here is my updates.
Got great news from our RE about my surgeries. They found stage 1 of endo so it was removed, my tubes are all clear an one fibroid was found but the RE said it's nothing to worry about. So we got the green light to start TTC once again..

I'm CD6 already started taking 2.5mg femara 4-8 an we will finally be BD'ng this weekend orders from our RE. DH can not wait for that. I'll start opk testing on Tuesday an be giving our RE office a call Tuesday to let them know I'm opk testing .Then if I get my LH Surge before day 14 I call RE office an then go in for my ultrasound then IUI if ready. Our RE is guessing that I'll have my IUI on Friday. That is what just guessing but he has never missed a date yet. RE started me on new prenatal vitamin with xtra iron an stool softer

One more thing my 14yr old DD started AF today for her very first time. So I've been busy explaining a lot of stuff about AF an how she needs to keep track of it. At least a few years back I explained about AF about when she started not to be scared an today was the big day for her. I'm so glad she started her AF but now it scares the peas out of me knowing my baby girl is now a young lady. I've cried some knowing how her life is going to change more in certain ways.

To everyone else that is waiting to test for ovulation I'll be keeping my fx for all. The ones that waiting to test for a BFP. I''ll be praying for a BFP for you. If anyone already got a BFP Congrats an may you have a very HH9M.

God Bless All..

QOTW: That is a little hard for me to answer as I love seafood and Chinese food.

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